Out of Pain
Healing the Agony of Addiction

As I started to write this book, I had entered a new world. I had become free of addiction, and I enjoyed peace of heart. I was healed. Peace within surpassed all of my expectations and previous experiences. I want to share my path and my understanding of the healing process - as a gift of love to my fellow addicts searhing for inner peace and rest. My only wish is that these pages lead you towards freedom and peace on your own path. I write because I am a different person now - a peaceful one. I live a life worth of living every day, life filled with dreams, freedom and love.

Much of this book deals with healing of dysfunctional ways of living in pain. For those who are not addicts, it may look like a crazy and weird world - on the surface. It is a world of much pain and despair. You may not want to read, but if you do so with compassion, you might learn to accept new facets of life, and to understand why some people behave the way they do.

© 2001-2003

  1. Forewords - for you, with love
  2. Acceptance - we find the key to our healing
  3. Starting to Listen - we start paying attention to our internal messages
  4. Love - we need more than a relief: we need love
  5. Detaching - in order to belong, we detach
  6. Belonging - our reality check
  7. Grieving - we begin to let go of our pain
  8. Anger - we need anger, and so do others
  9. Fear - a feeling worth of much respect
  10. Grace and Truth - elements of our belonging
  11. Presence - owning the joy of belonging
  12. Faith - believing in our healing
  13. Responsibility - living in love