Love the Walls

Ordinary Man got email from afar: "I would like to search for myself the way you have done. What should I do?"

Ordinary Man replied: "What have you done?"

Afar wrote: "I have read books and web pages and I have listened to talks of the masters."

Ordinary Man replied: "So you have read about thoughts of other people, and you have listened to their thoughts. But what have you done to find yourself?"

Afar wrote: "I have tried to think and to feel, but all I have found is a wall preventing me from seeing inside."

Ordinary Man replied: "So you have found yourself. You are a Wall. Please go on."

Wall wrote: "But I don't want to be a wall. I want to see inside myself. I want to break the wall."

Ordinary Man replied: "My dearest, magnificent, strong Wall: It does not work that way. You are a Wall. Walls are there to keep intruders out. As long as you approach the wall with a hammer in your hand, you are an intruder and the wall will not let you in. You are a wall – as long as you wish to demolish walls, you communicate terror to yourself. You must learn to love walls. Draw pictures of strong walls, write beautiful texts of strong walls. Admire every wall you see. Go to the biggest dam you can find and approach it slowly with respect, knowing you approach yourself. Touch it and know you touch yourself. Walk around the walls of your mind admiring their strength. Touch them to feel the material. The wall will let you in when it knows you are not an enemy. But know that it might take time before the wall believes you."

Wall is now on his way to the dam.