Water of Life

The great waters of my heart are standing still.
The turbulent winds have disappeared,
the shadows of the sky have faded away.
The vague remnants of a rainbow glittering in the distance
are the only memory of the thunders of the past.

The waters darkened by the winds have cleared
revealing a wellspring opened by the raging storm,
slowly replacing the murky waters of chaos
with clear and refreshing water of life.

The repulsive smell of gloomy waters has vanished.
The rays of the sun glitter in the clear water
in an alluring dance of joyfulness.
The water is beckoning me to drink,
to swim,
to dive,
to throw myself in it completely,
to become one with this dance of joy.

Anyone who finds this water
will be invited into a new world
fascinated by miracles of creation.
He never wants to drink anything else.

But this water can be found
only in formerly dirty ponds
after raging storms.

Image by Jonathon Earl Bowser