Universe of Love

To be loved by the Universe and its Creator
is nothing but deepest peace -
a humble tranquility of heart
wiping out all disconnection.

My self is lost, entangled with the universe
vaguely remembering the illusion of separation.
I am myself in a way I have never been,
my identity is clear and distinct
- yet nonexistent without the Universe.

No words do I find to express my peace,
and I don't need to express it.
Still, I try - and I do not try.

I try because the universe manifests itself
through me, desiring to love everyone and everything.
I am a drop of water in the flow of love.
I do not try because I am at rest and only receiving.

I just relax in my soul
that has become my huge home.
The long Night of the Shadow has ended.
My life is a paradox but a peaceful one.