Tough World

I thought I should leave nothing behind,
that I could restore broken relationships,
that all things could be agreed upon
and peace would be brought back.

Where did I think I was living?

I did not learn to be real.
I never learned to be myself
and I did not learn to love.
I lived in the middle of people,
playing games and hiding.
I thought everyone was alike.

I recognized where I am living.

I thought I should kill my soul
and hide myself from other people.
I thought I was right
but I understood I was wrong.

I saw where I am living.
I learned to keep by letting go
and to love by setting free.

I did not kill my soul,
I did not hide my pain,
I did not learn to abandon.
I learned to love and wait.

They say this world is tough.
This world tought me to love.


Image copyright Blu Gnome Graphics

Wounds of Love