The Source

I have been opening many doors
and driven away many scary ghosts.
Even before my hand reached
the handles of the doors
I could hear them squeak
and shatter into pieces.

Now I am approaching a vast space
whose form I can not determine
but I can feel its presence far away.

I see vague outlines of a huge space
filled with primal masculinity and power,
something that makes the most masculine men
I have ever met look like little kids.

I set my eyes on something deeper and stronger:
I see a huge fire of everlasting creation,
a shore of an infinite sea of love never asking why
and the enormous passion where these two unite.

I am standing in front of an uncontrollable show
witnessing forces no man can control.
Yet they exist peacefully within me,
yet I was able to hide myself from them
- for a while.

The zeal of these primordial forces
fills the whole space with absolute security.
I know I can not release these elements.
They will conquer me.