The world around me turns into shades of blue and gray
as the earth slowly revolves
and hides the sun deeper below the horizon.

The faraway islands disappear one by one,
the sea which a moment ago was a dance of a thousand suns
is resting and silent.

Peace - I think.
Silence, I think.
SILENCE, I say to myself.
SILENCE, I repeat.

I can not stand it.
I have to get up and start walking.

Why Why Why When Why Why How
Why Why What Why Why Who Why
Why Why How Why Why Where
Why Why Why How When Why

What a stupid word - I know the answer.

Because someone wanted to love,
to feel herself loved,
to feel himself loved.
Because I wanted to love,
to feel myself loved.


I sit down and enjoy the peace around me,
peace within me.

Facing Self