Wounded Angel

I can still see your eyes,
I can still hear your voice,
I remember the smile on your lips,
I can still feel your touch.

As you came to my life,
I was surprised by love.
I gave you power over my heart,
using it you made me happy.
And I do not regret it,
since without that power
I could never have felt such a Joy.

With the same power you killed something within me,
something that deserved to be killed.
I forgot that you were just another wounded soul
bound by shame,
one who could not love herself,
one whose soul was so wounded
that only a touch could communicate love.

I wanted to love your heart and soul,
but you refused my every trial.
Each time I made a deficient attempt
to meet your heart, you locked yourself away.
You wanted an escape from reality,
I wanted to meet reality with you.

I lost you before ever receiving you,
I had to let you go before you arrived.
I never knew you,
but you became my teacher,
a teacher of another wounded soul.

Still you stay in my heart,
still I miss you.
I see you every now and then,
every glimpse teaching me more to love,
teaching me to be free from outside circumstances.
I wish our hearts could meet,
become friends in love.
Then I could touch you once more,
touch your soul and your body.

Until that I carry in my heart
the happiness you gave,
the pain you gave,
the freedom you gave.

How much can a soul miss another one?
For how long?
Someday I know.

Image copyright Jonathon Earl Bowser
Wounds of Love