One Day at a Time

This day is all I have,
this short moment of happiness,
sitting in front of my keyboard,
peacefully letting my heart feel
the fears of tomorrows.

Next week will be there:
full of anxiety,
filled with pain,
making me feel small and humble
in front of issues I am not able to control.

I will do it one day at a time,
crying each day,
letting go each day,
feeling what I have to feel,
learning my lessons,
finding bits of myself.

I know next week will be full of pain
but I am looking forward to it.
It is only that I have to cry,
I have to face my own feelings
and the one they call with my name.

I love myself one day at a time
but sometimes I really wish
I did not have those heavy feelings.

One day at a time.
That's all I have.