On the Sea

As I start the engine
and the ropes are released,
you are sitting beside me
as you always have.

Who are you?
You have been my wife for twenty-two years.
But who are you?
I watch the sun shine on your face
and see your dark hair waving in the breeze
as we are heading to the open.

I stare at your smile,
your glimmering eyes.
How beautiful you are!

I remember the times
when your eyes were filled with tears
when your face was a manifestation of rage
when your voice was bitterness itself.
The response I gave you was exactly the same.
Or was it the other way around?

You navigate, I steer under your command.
I navigate, you steer under my command.
We surrender to each other
in the freedom of the sea
to reach the destination
of our own choice.

My faithful teacher, my wife.
I know I could leave you any day
without saying a word.
But I don't want.
I just want to surrender.

Our boat.
You navigate, I steer.
I navigate, you steer.
Destination Love.

Facing Self