- 1 -

Pain and joy are the distance between them.
But when it is short, what are they?

Pain in one moment, joy in the next.
It is me, changing all the time.
Wind playing in my hair.
It is me, changing all the time.

- 2 -

"Love" is just a label
invented for minds that can choose
to love or not to love.
"God is love" is a statement
intended for us
but not for him.

- 3 -

A TV and a chair.
So, I sit on the TV and watch the chair.
Resources to be used at will.

- 4 -

When I drive a car,
I do not command it.
I surrender to it,
to bring it to its destination.

- 5 -

When you see without looking and hear without listening you are without trying.
When you feel without feeling and touch without touching you have gone away.
But the away is in the center and the center is in the away.
Since there are no distances - only your place in it.

When a bird flies far away,
it is in the middle of its life
- exactly like you.

- 6 -

Leaves of a tree
sounds of a street drill
a raindrop and a snowflake.
Light of the sun
and rays of the moon.
Everything in the same place
at the same time
since there is no time
when its time has come.

- 7 -

Numbers do not exist.
They are thoughts.

- 8 -

When you begin to think
to drink coffee
to read a newspaper
to dress
to get a friend
to marry
or to enter this world... create a union
stay in it
leave it
and are without.

- 9 -

There is only rest and its constant change.
Trying to stay is pain,
and trying to change only a sign of staying.

- 10 -

Chairs can be of any kind.
Relationships can be anything.
Everything can be anything.

- 11 -

I walk along a path and look back.
I see 10 000 different me.

- 12 -

Your mind is free
if you can read this again
without thinking of an ape
and without forcing yourself
not to think of an ape.

- 13 -

In silence a man is born.

- 14 -

There is no purpose for being.
Being is the purpose.

- 15 -

A knock in silence;
a sound I expected
but then I let it vanish.

- 16 -

There is nothing you can do
to change the present moment.

- 17 -

When selfish love cries
the tears of sorrow and hurt
for what is and what is not,
it makes space for healing love
to embrace what is and what is not.

- 18 -

When I look people in their eyes,
their faces begin to shine
and they smile widely.
But when they notice their reaction,
why is it that they turn their heads away
and hide their smiles?
It makes me sad
and I don't know what to do.

- 19 -

When I look in your eyes,
I see my home.

- 20 -

My heart is looking for peace
but it does not find it.
It can not find it
since it is its own peace.
I look elsewhere
but it is nowhere to be seen.
I close my eyes and rest.
Peace is real within me.

- 21 -

My essence is emptiness,
space where everything can be as it is.
In my peace there is space
for restlessness to exist without rushing away.
My essence is the peace
with which God created man.
He was not in a hurry.
In my peace restlessness is not in a hurry.
It can peacefully find its rest
and enter everlasting sleep.

- 22 -

Within me I can be what I am.
I have space to be and I can own it also outwardly.
My outward appearance is free to reflect
what I am internally.
Then I am whole and solid,
even when I am broken.

- 23 -

Present Moment is the name of my horse.
I have climbed off the saddle
and he is no longer galloping
towards unknown Something.
He drinks from crystal clear water.
I stand beside him
feeling his warm body
admiring the beauty of the river of life.
Something has arrived.

- 24 -

"Love yourself."
But how can I when I am one and not two?
If I love, who is the Loved One?
If I am the Loved One, who is the lover?

"Love your neighbor as yourself"
actually means
"You and your neighbor are One".

- 25 -

My own expectations,
in conflict with life
- not really my expectations,
but how I want them to be fulfilled.

- 26 -

I sit down
and all my thoughts
sit down with me.
They come to rest on my lap,
in the home of my mind,
since there were they conceived.

- 27 -

I have seen behind your mask
but don't be afraid.
Every one is ashamed
as long as he doesn't know himself.
You think your mask is beautiful
but it has been shaped by cruel hands
that once wounded your heart.
I have seen behind your mask
and I have seen human beauty.

- 28 -

When you think you arrived
felt the touch of power
found the unmovable peace,
you raise your eyes towards the horizon
and feel but a Greater call.