Natural Child

A dull and rainy day, a damp road,
a cup of coffee at a service station.
I admired your beauty by the cashier.
When our eyes met I could see
to the bottom of your heart.

In your smile you had nothing to hide,
the way we talked was as if we had known
each other since childhood.
The way you leaned towards me
and I leaned towards you was
how the sun touches the sea every morning:
two strangers, two distant creatures
yet one dance of light and joy.

I knew you looked in my heart
and what you saw made you stay beside me,
what we saw in each other made us
enjoy our coffees amazed by the moment,
amazed by the touches we shared,
amazed by the fearless mutual admiration
loving each other in the passing moment.

The strongest wish of my heart is to love
but I have failed too many times.
You restored my faith to the natural child
open to love free of all fears.

A dull and rainy day, a damp road,
a memory that will not fade away.
You gave me courage to be uncovered,
to be honest with myself and others,
to be open for the surprises of each moment
to become an unguarded natural child
since I have nothing to hide.

I have only made mistakes
but I have nothing to hide.

Image by Jonathon Earl Bowser
Wounds of Love