The Narcissist

Your behavior did not match your words.
Your lips were smiling
but your eyes were those of steel.
Your voice was soft at inappropriate times.

Your lies were subtle at first.
The mask of a nice person slowly dissolved
and revealed an intricate web of lies.
You were always alarmed,
always ready to strike.
Your answers were always quick.

I was stuck in your sticky web
but now it is easy for me to go:
you never saw my heart, only yourself.
I never saw your heart, only a shell of lies.

You thought your lies protected you
and that's what they did.
They protected you from me.
They protected you from life.
They protected you from love.

You defined the rules.
You defined the drama.

No, that was not you.
I gave you the power.
I followed your rules.
I followed your drama.

How easy to say that in retrospect.
How I love my lesson!
How I love my power!

Wounds of Love