My God

I met you on the street.
You stopped beside me and looked in my eyes.
No, you looked in my heart
and your eyes lifted my pain.
I could almost see it flowing into you.

In your eyes I saw a reflection of my pain.
Or was it your pain?
For a blink of the eye you turned your back to me.
Did I notice you trembling?

The Judge had made his decision:
I was declared guilty.
Only the formalities remained.
He called my name.
Before I made a slightest movement,
you stood up and said:
"Here I am".

I heard the click of handcuffs
when they locked your wrists
and dragged you away.
My document was white.

I was lost in a forest,
where all trees seemed similar
and all places familiar:
I have been here before for a countless number of times.

My ears heard a voice behind me:
"This is the way; walk in it".
Then I realized that every step
made my heart feel lighter.

Facing Self