My Garden

There is a garden in my heart,
quite simple now,
mostly covered by dark soil.
Yet I have sown the seeds
and watered it.

I used to wait for someone
to bring in and plant the flowers
but now I am planting them myself.

A few flowers are already blossoming,
many are about to bloom
and green sprouts can be seen in many places.

I am carefully selecting few more plants,
few more seeds to sow.
Then I just water it, pick away the weeds
and let the time pass.

Someday I will bring you fresh flowers.

Someday I grasp your hand and let you in.
You can rest quietly on the bench,
smell the fragrance of the flowers,
hear the tranquil sounds of the fountain
and pick a bouquet of your choice.

You can stay as long as you wish,
you can leave whenever you want to.