I see a familiar face in the bathroom mirror,
one which I would always recognize.
Slightly different from day to day,
yet the same each day.

I know I could always identify
myself in a photograph.


I see many mirrors around me
but I do not recognize myself
in the images they reflect.
They are dull,
broken or distorting,
or I am blind to their images.

I am not afraid in front of the bathroom mirror
displaying only my physical existence;
I fear the reflections of my soul.

I curse the broken mirrors;
occasionally they are to blame.
Most of the time I am afraid to believe
that they could be unbroken.

What do I fear in your mirror?
No - you already reflected.

I don't love myself as I am.
I don't accept all of me
and I don't realize
that I don't have to change.
I could just learn to know myself
like in front of the bathroom mirror.

Facing Self