I think I know myself
but there are many secrets,
silent issues hiding in my soul.
Why would I think I know
what is good for you
what you need
how you should change?
Should you change?

I can change only myself,
often only with great difficulty.
Why should I try to change you?
I can only learn to know you,
learn to know myself
and let this Life shape me
as I face new circumstances.

I can't give you much advice.
Do I know the future of your path?
I know only where I have been;
it is not much.
My future lies open in front of me,
my tomorrows will be different
from what I anticipate.

Still I can stay beside you,
I may not say much but I can listen.
I can serve you – not as I think
but as you look forward to.

I think there is some hope in my heart,
hope that I could share;
some acceptance I could give;
some comfort I have received to pass on.

I am happy to know you,
even if we disagree.
I told this just in case
you would like to know.