I was living in the safest place I knew,
watching the other birds fly and sing,
sometimes just behind the bars of my cage,
so close that I could almost touch them.

No one was allowed to mess up my cozy cage.
I was living to keep it tidy and organized.

Once in a while a solitude nightingale
sung a haunting melody making me weep,
desiring for something unrevealed,
something so familiar I must have known it,
something I must have forgotten long ago,
something I knew could exist only outside of all cages.

Through her songs longing slowly drifted in
reaching for me like a fog of loneliness,
transforming my hideaway into emptiness
chasing my every thought til nothing existed.

I opened the door and escaped.
I did not care where I came to,
I only wanted to run away.

I came to meet something familiar
which I knew at once,
something I had forgotten long ago,
something that exists only outside of all cages.

Facing Self