At the Edge

I am standing close to the final edge
in a place that can be reached only alone,
close to the edge that everyone once goes beyond
carried by others yet ultimately alone.

I am asking questions,
standing in a place they can not reach,
listening to the voice they can not hear,
in order to know those
who don't know themselves,
in order to answer questions
they don't comprehend to ask.

I am standing in a place
where one sees through the acts of people,
in a place where smiles and lashes mean nothing.

I am standing at the edge of love.

I sit down and wait,
only to witness the edge to disappear,
only to realize that love has no limits
but it lasts as far as I can see.

I am standing in a place
one can reach only unaccompanied.
I know they will not believe what I saw
but I remember it.
I try to let them see what I saw.

Image Courtesy of Cross Publications