Your voice was still weak when it was taken away.
You could only hear the fearful sounds
as heavy shoes crunched it into pieces.

Facing the injustice,
the pain of expiration inside
you persisted - scattered and silent.
With no dreams to dream,
no songs to sign
your voice was speechless.

But you were reserved for dreams.
You were silenced only for a while
to hear the Silence,
to imagine without a single dream,
to become one of us without words.

The keeper of voices was awaiting
following your every step with compassion
giving birth to your voice to be.
He did not want only to hear your voice,
he wanted you to become voice itself.

In Silence you raised your voice
filling empty nights with dreams
inviting dreamless souls to dream
affirming wordless lips to raise their voices.

Your dream stays alive when you have left,
the echoes of your voice will never die.
You have become a keeper of dreams,
voice that gives birth to keepers of dreams.

The dream never dies.
Our dream.

This page is dedicated to DreamSinger whose clear voice sings for the sake of love.
Image copyright DreamSinger