Do I Dare

When the healing is done
and the heart is at peace,
when the pain is gone
and the fears are away,
when the mind ceases speaking
and starts to listen,
dreams find their way
and love awakens.

I look at my hands
and realize they are waiting to love
not always knowing how to
but even so equipped to carry loads.

I look deep into myself
and see only open doors.
In the silence of my heart
I hear whispers of future.
In my dreams everyone I know
becomes a wonderful person.

I am crying tears they can not cry,
I am dreaming dreams they do not dare.
In their wounded souls
I see the beauty they do not see.
Yet all I have is myself.

Do I dare to dream?
I have seen how they change.
I have seen how I change.

I thought dreams were
not supposed to come true.
It never occurred to me
that life could be an adventure.

I am on my way.

Flaming heart by Kandy'z PSP Tubes