When Life was smiling to me
and presented an unexpected delight,
I attached myself to it
and got lost between fantasy and reality.

At the disappearance of the dreamworld,
when the fog finally faded away
revealing the place where I have been lost,
a peculiar world opened in front of my eyes:
offended, misunderstood people;
irritation, hatred.

I stand in the middle of a strange desert,
trying to find my way out.
I don't know where to go:
Every direction seems to be wrong,
every step only to create more misunderstanding.

However, I know I have been through the ending,
since the memories are no more filled with pain.
I recall the happy moments,
shining eyes and welcoming smile.

The 'I am sorry' in my mind
has been replaced by 'Thanks'.
Again I can love
as if I have never been hurt,
as if I have never known the desert.

What is a desert?
I came to a paradise.

Wounds of Love