You cried.
No tears,
not a slightest change on your face.
Your eyes told it.

For a fraction of a second your defense failed but you were quick enough:
a new wall, a new gate, a new barricade as you hid yourself deeper in the unknown.

Your language became carefully selected words of bitterness,
your harsh words wailed in despair you did not recognize.

You don't know who you are,
you don't let yourself fail
and be taken to the final combat,
be carried into the center of yourself.

You allow nobody to take care of you,
nobody to enter the hell within you,
to chase away all your nightmares
and open the cage of your eagle.

You are too strong to face it,
no fear exists in your world.
I watch as you bury yourself alive.

The death of your eagle is close.

Your death is close.

Facing Self