In the beginning there were you and I
as I saw everything though the eyes of separation.
There was the universe and I,
far away and disconnected,
sometimes friends, sometimes enemies.

I looked at you, I looked at the world
and we had very little in common.
My heart was filled with anxiety,
dissociation and fears.
I was alone.

Then there were we,
people of the same origin,
one universe giving life to everything.

Now, when I look at the universe,
there is no one standing on my place.
Instead, I am everywhere,
I have become everything I look at.

I look at my history: it is there, yet it is not.
I know I am feeling my feelings,
yet I feel them not.
All I feel is deep peace and belonging.
All I know is the universe of pure love
manifesting its Creator and Source.

The first time I felt this way I was shivering:
what is this?
I am nothing, yet I am everything.
I am here, yet I am not.
I exist, yet I do not.

I am completely open,
crying to the universe in peaceful pain:
Give me love to show.

The whole universe started to smile:
It is all I am.