Anchors of Shame

I tried to travel along my way
longing for joy and happiness
towards the fulfillment of my destiny,
desiring for healing from my history.

I was kept back by tight ropes
attached to anchors of familiar past,
afraid of letting go of my only secure place
with established rules
with foreseen outcomes
with well-known restrictions
with familiar guilt and shame.

Even my healing was based on shame:
I am not good enough unless I am renewed.

I open the knots and the anchors sink in shame.
They can go: my security lies within me.

Look into my eyes.
You are looking into the eyes of a joyous rebel.
I have raised my eyes,
I am standing tall and straight.

Look into my eyes.
Shame has vanished.
They burn with a passion of life.
They are open - for the first time ever.

Image by Jonathon Earl Bowser