Abundant Love

I see love everywhere:
in the smile of a fellow worker,
in the hug of a friend,
in the waving of hands
until the car has disappeared,
in the ringing of the phone.

I read the love in letters,
in e-mails and web pages,
in notes I find on my desk
or on the door of the fridge.

I feel the love in jokes
told a hundred times,
in a sudden softening of voice
in the middle of a discussion,
in tears glittering in the eyes
and in hesitating words.

I see love walking through rain
to meet someone,
bringing a cup of coffee to bed,
quietly turning off the lights when I am tired.

I see love in my wife,
in her duties,
in the clean house,
in her body next to mine,
in the way she walks with me,
in the way she carried my heart
when I was confused of myself.

I see love in myself.