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You did not know me
but the way you held your head up high
made me believe in goodness of life.

Joy2MeU has been and still is my healing site number ONE. Codependence, romantic relationships, fear of intimacy, alcoholism, emotional abuse and heartbreak are just few of the many topics addressed. "Codependence is a very vicious and powerful form of Delayed Stress Syndrome. The trauma of feeling like we were not safe in our own homes makes it very difficult to feel like we are safe anywhere. Feeling like we were not lovable to our own parents makes it very difficult to believe that anyone can Love us."

Louisville Area Narcotics Anonymous. Extensive material on recovery, addictions and the twelve steps. "Narcotics Anonymous has had many years of experience with literally hundreds of thousands of addicts. This mass of intensive first-hand experience in all phases of illness and recovery is of unparalleled therapeutic value. We are here to share freely with any addicts who want it". Check the Readings.

Coping with Dissociative Identity Disorder - Multiple Personality Disorder. Personal experience and on-line books. "In this real world, I have had to practice and practice these new skills. I have also learned a variety of skills from other multiples who have shared how they ride the roller-coaster and overcome depression, anxiety, fear and pain. My site is dedicated to sharing the healthy coping skills you and I have learned and adopted".

Soul's self help central and Borderline Personality Disorder site contain much reading about codependence, borderline personality disorder (BPD), post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), sexual abuse and depression. "This web site is dedicated to the liver of life, the seeker of more, and to all of you who, like I, were wounded, have incurred many heart-wrenching losses, endured much pain and still search for a better, happier and more peaceful way. It is there for the finding. It must first be found from deep within yourself."

The Shalom Place contains a number of e-books about personal growth, codependence, learning to love and growing to serenity.: Becoming a New Person, Freedom from Codependency, God, Self and Ego. "Shalom is the Hebrew word used by Jesus in reference to the peace he promises. It has no real equivalent in the English language, referring to inner peace, joy and the fullness of life".

Dr Irene's verbal abuse (site). Much reading on verbal abuse, codependence, codependent love, narcissism, recovery and healing. This site has been very important to me. Take a look at the Contents. "Jogging is very beneficial. It's good for your legs and your feet. It's also very good for the ground. It makes it feel needed."

Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Re-Visited offers a detailed, first hand account of what it is like to have a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. It offers new insights and an organized methodological framework using a new psychodynamic language.     "Why are narcissists not prone to suicide? Simple: they died a long time ago. They are the true zombies of the world."

Grant Me The Serenity... Self-help, Addiction & Recovery offers discussion forums & chat, recovery books & gifts, prayers, quotes, meditations, articles & news, affirmations, an annotated resource directory & free downloads. Explores alcoholism, addictions (sex, love, food, drugs), eating disorders, abuse, self-help & mental health topics. Site is created by a victim/survivor of childhood sexual / physical abuse, adult survivor of sexual, physical, emotional & verbal abuse, recovering alcoholic with nine years sobriety, recovered anorexic & self-injurer, love addict (codependent), and partner of a verbal abuser/porn addict. However, this site is not a personal 'home' page.

Dr. Janet Woititz, writer of the New York Times Best Seller, Adult Children of Alcholics. This site has been created to provide a resource for those who are interested in Dr. Janet Woititz's works and in helping those impacted by Alcoholism and other dysfunctional personal and family behaviors.

How to survive the loss of a love by Harold H. Bloomfield & Peter McWilliams is an excellent and practical e-book about survival. "What will I do if it happens?" I would ask myself. "What will I do now that it has?"

The Personality Page. Good information about Keirsey's personality types. To define your type, take the test here. The next link lists many free tests. I know I can't expect you to want the same things that I want. We are not the same person, so we will not always see things the same way. I have my own Thoughts and my own Ideas, that may or may not fit into your vision of who I should be.

Lifexplore personality information and tests. Have you ever wondered why people act different than you? Have you noticed how some people are very perfectionist and prefer to have things in order, but others are more carefree and relaxed? Have you met someone who is very giving and helpful, and another who is detached and unemotional? Why are some people vivacious, outgoing, and excited while others are self-conscious and shy? The answers to these questions lie here at Lifexplore.

Recovering Couples Anonymous. We are couples committed to restoring healthy communication, caring and greater intimacy to our relationships. We suffer from many addictions and co-addictions; some identified and some not, some treated and some not. We also come from different levels of brokenness.

The Prophet's Candle. Awesome wisdom for those who wish to know the Eternal Truth.     "The message of a prophet is not contained within his words, but rather between them."

The Meditations and Recovery website of Overeaters Anonymous. Meditations for each day of the year and more. The topics cover a broad spectrum of recovery issues and many focus on the Twelve Steps. contains abundant information on abuse, addictions, anxiety, panic, depression, personality disorders, relationships, self-injury, sex, sexuality and many other topics. The site contains audio and video files plus links to many on-line self tests. Take the time to learn the structure of the site - the amount of information is vast.

Harmony Healthcare contains some easily read but powerful recovery material about 12 steps, inner peace and learning to feel the feelings. There are also a number of self-assessments. "Our parents are the victims of their parents' ignorance. We are the victims of our parents' ignorance. Unless we learn to think differently, our children will be the victims of our ignorance". contains information on codependence, dysfunctional families, alcoholism plus a large number of self-assessments. "I love myself and others, I hate myself and others, I can't stand being with you, I can't stand being alone". contains a long list of links to selected websites that contain further information and resources. They have chosen sites that seem to provide useful information. is here to provide Inspirational Roadside Assistance for your Journey to your Dreams. Follow the Signs for Motivation and Inspiration! The site contains many destinations for quotations and affirmations.

Recovery Web is devoted to personal healing from addictions and trauma. It contains pages about healing from addictions, trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, sexual abuse recovery, alcoholism, codependency, abusive relationships, chemical dependency and family and relationship issues. "I wanted to call it Codependent, Not So Much. The publisher said it would never sell and suggested Codependent No More; which is obviously impossible on a practical level. Sometimes in recovery we have to bow to the demands of accounting".

Christians in Recovery. This site contains over 2000 pages of information and resources to help you help yourself overcome self defeating behaviors, thoughts and addictions you desire to change.